Our Policies

Below is a brief overview of the CCRRN policies. Copies of individual policies in their entirety are available upon written request.

Agency Complaint Policy

CCRRN is dedicated to supporting the accessibility, availability, affordability, and acceptability of child care in McLean, Livingston, DeWitt and Ford counties in Illinois. We strive to accomplish this mission in a professional manner, respecting the clientele we serve. We also ask that clientele treat staff respectfully.

Provider Complaint Policy

CCRRN incorporates the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Complaint Policy Draft amended January 31, 1991. Upon receiving a complaint against a child care provider, CCRRN determines the nature of the complaint and follows the procedures outlined within the policy.

Confidentiality Policy

The CCRRN staff will adhere to confidentiality. Confidentiality applies to information about our customers: parents, families, providers and community members. We seek and gain information to help us provide quality services for our customers. The information is only for use in providing our CCRRN services. The information is not for informal discussions and dissemination outside our service limits.

Furthermore, confidentiality applies to the access and use of the CCRRN databases, as well as information about CCRRN personnel. CCRRN composite data are contractually available to the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referrals, and shared with the community.

Fee Policy

CCRRN does not charge child care providers for inclusion in the database. Minimal fees are charged to providers for trainings.


CCRRN does not endorse nor recommend any provider to parents and families. The selection of a child care provider is the family's responsibility. The data used with the referrals is based upon the information supplied by the providers themselves, and the CCRRN does not take responsibility for its accuracy. To inquire about the past history and record of a licensed child care provider, call the Department of Children and Family Services Day Care Information Line at 1-877-746-0829.


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