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The Child Care Resource and Referral Network encourages you to take advantage of the trainings offered. Our main goal is to offer workshops and courses that promote quality child care and developmentally appropriate practices. Keep your eye out for a new calendar every quarter.

The Child Care Resource and Referral Network offers services to assist child care providers with their programs. Trainings are offered in all areas of the curriculum.

Training Calendars - List of trainings that are currently available (including descriptions)

February - June 2018 Training Calendar


Health, Safety and Child Development Training Requirements to Care for Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Children

To help ensure the health and safety of all children, IDHS in now requiring that providers complete specific health, safety and child development training, have current CPR/First Aid certification, and complete annual training hours.

Who is required to complete training?

>> Licensed Centers and License-Exempt Centers

  • Director(s) – individual(s) who has primary responsibility for the daily operations management of the center
  • Teacher(s) – includes lead teachers, teachers, teacher assistants or teacher aides who are employed by a child care center for compensation on a regular basis
  • Support Staff – if an individual has responsibilities in a classroom, working directly with children, on a regular basis
  • Student workers, part time employees, substitutes and migrant/seasonal/summer camp providers

>> Licensed Family Child Care Homes and Group Homes and License-Exempt Family Child Care Homes

  • The primary caregiver is required to complete all training's. The primary caregiver is the person who signs the CCAP application asking to be an approved provider. This applies to both relative and non-relative providers. Licensed-Exempt relative providers caring for school-age only children are exempt from the requirements.

* Please note: on March 30, 2018, IDHS announced that it made revisions to the required trainings and announced a new condensed training.  For more information, read the complete announcement from IDHS here.


Child care providers receiving CCAP funds MUST be members of the Gateways Registry and track their training, Credentials and certifications in the Registry. Registry membership must be renewed every year.

To become a Registry member visit:


To understand the specific trainings required by IDHS for ALL child care providers please review the CCAP Required Training Flyer.
The content of this flyer applies to you if you are a:

  • Licensed Center

  • Licensed Exempt Center

  • Licensed Family Child Care Home

  • License Exempt Home (family, friends, neighbors)


A majority of the training is offered online through the Gateways ilearning portal.  You must register first before you can take a training.  Registration is not immediate and must be processed by INCCRRA staff.  If you are not already a registry member, you can apply online by visiting registry


What training is required?
  • Child Development, Health, and Safety Basics Training - online training link (available in English April 9, 2018 and in Spanish April 23, 2018).  Consult our Training Calendar to find in-person training dates.
  • Child Abuse and Neglect/Mandated Reporter Training - online training link (this training can only be completed online through DCFS website).
  • CPR/First Aid Certification - only in-person training is accepted.  Consult our Training Calendar to find in-person training dates.
  • What is CCAP? (for directors and primary caregivers) - online training link, or you may consult our Training Calendar to find in-person training dates.

There are many ways you can meet the CCAP child development, health, and safety training requirements.  Click here to find the one option that works best for you.


Services Include:

• Workshops and provider support groups and conferences
• Scholarships are available to help with payment of various trainings as well as accreditation